Aon: Final Project

A Concept User Interface that helps interns find projects to work on.

Fast Facts

  • Role:

  • Designer and Researcher
  • Project Type:

  • Concept Proposal
  • Dates:

  • Summer 2016
  • Team Size:

  • 5


  • Photoshop CC
  • Skills:

    • Interviewing
    • Iteration Process
    • Presentation
    • Brand Design


    The inception of the project was during my internship at Aon in Chicago, IL in 2016. My small team noticed that our peers were completing their small tasks very quickly and were not being assigned further work from their supervisors. This led to many of our peers sitting at their desks either on their phones or browsing the internet.

    Proposed Solution

    My team and I noticed that one factor that lead to the problem was that the interns were not reaching out or were intimidated to reach out for more tasks.

  • Interns can look and sign up for possible tasks at available tasks/project
  • Managers can post tasks for others to look and sign up
  • Interns can contact the manager for more information regarding the task/project
  • Intern can check the timeline of all tasks they are a part of
  • Interns can search and sort tasks by various parameters
  • The Dashboard

    The Reflection

    In the end, we introduced and pitched our concept dashboard that would allow interns to fully utilize their time at the internship. We understood that some interns would not use this dashboard but we still believed that this project would have a lot of beneficial outcomes for the interns and also Aon. At the end of the internship each group pitched their projects to a board of senior level managers. My team was awarded an overall score of 4.5 on a 5.0 scale

    Difficulties Faced

    Some difficulties we faced were time constraints from the project. Having only 2 weeks to research, analyze, develop and present the project was very stressful. We ultimately overcame this challenge by having daily meetings and staying an additional 30 minutes each day onsite to work on this project. It was also very difficult in searching for managers to participate for an interview because of such short notice.

    Lessons Learned

    I learned a lot about Aon during my time in researching ideas for the final project. I learned different communication styles by working with people in different departments that had different leadership styles. We also learned a lot of different methods for organizing group meetings and thoughts over mobile applications such as Slack and GroupMe.