Vlad's Portfolio Site


Here you'll find some of the smaller projects that I made on the side for fun or to learn something new.


Augmented Reality Business Card

The goal of this project was to take a traditional 2D design (a business card) and take it outside of the screen into Augmented reality. I took this project on to play around with marker-based AR. I was inspired by Oscar Falmer's version some time before and wanted one of my own. Read more about this project here.

Evaluating Amazon’s Privacy with Design

For this project I reviewed the literature in protection of privacy

principles and analyzed Amazon.com and their privacy control settings through a privacy-focused point of view. I then spent some time thinking thinking about how to improve it. In this case, it was a transparency focused dashboard that. I wrote more about this project here.

Workday’s Password Requirement ReDesign

Currently, Workday's current solution to create a new account forces new and reoccurring users through a error prone negative experience. I created a visual that highlights how one simple change can improve the experience and reduce most errors from occurring, while also improving password security.

I wrote my analysis in detail here. Below is the suggested design.

Making the password requirements clear while also providing appropriate contextual help creates a positive and error-less experience for the end user.

iOS game: Super Fruit Fighter

A retro style top-down shooter without any fluff. A game that combines never-ending fun with fruit to shoot and baddie alien ships to destroy! I wanted to create something that reminded me of some of the games I played growing up while also practicing working in C#, Unity & iOS. Available on iOS here!