Workday: Mini-Case Study


I created a visual that highlights how the account creation process makes the user-experience difficult and what can be done to improve it. I propose a simple solution using usability heuristics and design standards as some guidelines. See gifs of the problem and the final solution.

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Current Problem

A gif of the problem of creating an account with no password information.

Proposed Solution

the soltuon by using design usability heuristics

The Problem

The problem is that Workday’s account creation system makes understanding the password requirements very difficult by hiding them until a user fails to enter the correct password structure. This leads the user to spend additional time and enter the password again. In sum, it's frustrating to enter a complex password twice!

The Solution

Using basic usability heuristics (eg. Neilson Heuristics and The Understanding Group's Heuristics) and design standards, presenting the required information (eg. password requirements) and password strength upfront will reduce errors which can reduce frustration, improve the speed of the form submission and reduce abandonment.


A sketch I made of the current login screen. Used my Microsoft Surface and Pen.
A sketch I made of how I envision the proposed solution would look like. Used my Microsoft Surface and Pen.

Final Screens with Comments

By providing informational indicators and showing the status of the system, maybe you too can avoid errors!
An informational guide of requirements goes a long way. Especially for users that have no guidance and have to guess the requirements.
A simple checkmark solves the issue of having to remember if the keys they entered were exactly the same as the previous complex password requirement.