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A collection of VR work I've been working on.


As I learn how to utilize existing frameworks such as SteamVR and A-Frame, I want to encapsulate my journey on this page. It will mostly consist of videos or screenshots.

Unity Game Engine + SteamVR

Apartment Scene v1

This video shows an example of the apartment scene from the movie Pulp Fiction. I took a lot of creative freedom and added extra content to it. I'm also practiciing with navigation using teleportation. This is a work in progress.

A-Frame (WebVR)

Apartment Scene v1

This is a similar scene but I specifically worked with A-Frame – a web VR framework. Aframe has a lot of limitations but it also allows VR in a lot of different environments. It also has a lot of limitations with what type of sounds it cane play so many sounds were not played in this video.