State Farm Internship Experience

This page encompesses a high level view of my time at State Farm. Since I've signed an NDA, I will not be able to give a detailed experience here. Thank you for understanding!

Fast Facts


UX Intern


May 2018 - July 2018

Number of Projects:

4 projects


Invision's Suite of Tools
White Board
Photoshop / Illustrator
Microsoft Office Products


Iterative Design Practice
Large Organization Collaboration
Time Management
Comparative Analysis
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State Farm is primarily an insurance company. Their products and services include, auto, renters, home, life, health insurance. They also have a large banking sector that have a variety of banking services! Learn more about State Farm here. State Farm has been focused on serving customers, giving back to their community and doing good since 1922.

Project Overviews

Due to an NDA and some of the projects I worked on are yet to launch, I cannot disclose much information. Thank you for understanding.

Project 1.

Worked very closely with a mobile product team and introduced an iteration process using collaboration tools that improved the designer to developer handoff by 70%.

Project 2.

From the research results, I sketch and whiteboard ideas. The key here is to conceptualize, understand and narrow the focus and problem. If I discover any gaps or flaws, I go back for more research for validation or refutation.

Project 3.

Created a new acquisition flow using InVision and Sketch for a new product in order to enhance the customer experience.

Project 4.

Built the wireframes, architecture and a prototype to ensure project transparency connecting the UX teams.


I had the fortune to spend the summer in Atlanta, GA with State Farm Insurance in Enterprise Technology as a UX Intern. Other than the fact that it is hot and humid in Atlanta, I didn’t know too much about it. I'll be honest and say that I've fallen in love with Atlanta, the people, and the food. But how could I forget the stunning Georgia scenery! State Farm, on the other hand, is the biggest insurance company in the US – so it was hard not to know anything about them. I was surprised by how little I knew and the wealth of services and products they provide; insurance, health, and even banking! With four main locations in the US and the innovation campus in San Francisco, State Farm is well spread out.

Prior to starting, I wanted to be a part of an organization that cared and valued their customers and their employees. I came to realize that those values are clear and evident every day at the organization. State Farm believes so deeply that their new slogan is in, “Making life go right”. They never hope any wrongdoing onto others, instead, hope to be there for you 100% of the time when something wrong does happen. Empathy is their number one priority when it comes to interacting with customers and providing the best possible service. They put a lot of resources into design with a customer first perspective. If my field taught me anything, it would be to think user-first. I couldn’t be any happier knowing that State Farm shares similar values.

My experience as a UX intern couldn’t have been more different from what I'd envisioned. To name a few… I learned a tremendous amount about agile methodologies, how they differ in collaboration between UX and development teams. I also learned about the various roles and positions someone can take on in UX – such as architect, design, content strategy or even a generalist! Additionally, the research teams at State Farm encompass much more than just usability tests. Being able to witness that aspect was a little bit enticing!

Most importantly, I learned a lot about myself as well. I realized how certain organizations define UX and where it falls in priority with leadership. I discovered I prefer interaction design and architecture over traditional “pixel-pushing”. My experience had also solidified my interest in mobile applications over web design which I was originally unsure about. I also learned that development isn’t as frightening as I had thought it to be and I see myself encompassing developer methodologies into my future workflow. Perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to not stop learning and growing. The idea is simple enough, but the act and intent are what I wish to never give up as I progress in my career. The idea of going out of my comfort zone is frightening, but I believe the opportunity to learn or experience something new is worthwhile to do so.

In the end, I had an amazing experience where I grew and fostered new skills and techniques while connecting with very talented and skilled people in my industry. I walk away from this experience more reassured of my passions and less fearful of going outside my comfort zone.