My Design Process

Check out my work to see my process in action!

My Iterative Design Process

I suggest taking a look at my recent work to get an idea of my process in action because this is just an overview.

My 4 step design process is shown here. Research, Ideate, prototype and then test

1. Research

This is where I define the problem and empathize with the users. I research what currently exists that tries to solve the problem and note the stakeholder constraints.

2. Ideate

From the research results, I sketch and whiteboard ideas. The key here is to conceptualize, understand and narrow the focus and problem. If I discover any gaps or flaws, I go back for more research for validation or refutation.

3. Prototype

After ideation, I create user-flows, wireframes and then low-fidelity prototypes. Visual aesthetics are not significant during this stage because the purpose is to test the flow and information architecture of the solution. If an error arises, I go back to the ideation stage.

4. Test

After a low-fidelity prototype is finished I move on to testing the solution with a real user base. For these usability tests, I try to aim between three and six people. After testing, I determine where the test went wrong and determine which stage to go back in my process. Otherwise, I move onto the next problem.